Floor Plan

Floor Plan
Info Booth Ticketing Security and Costume Weapon Check HV Comic Con Booth Entrance Experience Entertainment Photo-Op Booth Gaming Lounge Brought to you by Kirwans Game Store American Sci-Tech Headless Horseman Escape Room All That Cast Mini Reunion Sonny Strait Kara Edwards Tom Payne Bill Diamond Geico Insurance Kids Zone VIP Lounge Team Rammyz/ Costume Contest Registration Nightmare Worcester The 501st Legion The Rebel Legion: Echo Base Empire Temple: Saber Guild The Apoca-Lips Cast Hudson Valley Ghost Busters Main Floor Stage The Super Zeroes Farmed Girl Forged Jessilyn Cupcake Superheroes Unlimited Comedy and Pop-Culture Show Magic Wheelchair Gilbert Gottfried Karyn Parsons Marty Grabstein Jon Davey Jim Martin Broken Archer T.V. Treasure Chest Quigley's Cakes T.V. Treasure Chest Killer Kollectibles Kyle's Comics U.S.S. Henry Hudson Cristalee Creations Dragon Realm OTKE Inc C.L. Schneider Cody James Art Throwback Collectibles Comicfolds Michelle's Yarn Barn The Girl Scouts of America Megabrain Comics Tea Talk Herofied BatYard Productions Custom Fangs NYC Lethalware HKT Import Alterniverse Comics Ryan Browne Ryan Browne Carrie Berry Buttons Jim O'Riley Christian St. Pierre Bob Wiacek Novella Starstruck Jessian Press Shenanigami Crystal Silva Posable Productions Falsemind Studios Sean Carlson Art Trot L'oeil Artistry Matra Art Goofy Froot Kiddoodles Tom Ryan's Studio 5B Designs Dollphinwing A Toledo Entertainment E. Hanby Studio Ma-en Kudoze I am filled with static Perler Playland Skillistrations Kitty Sapphire Studios Annabelle Popa Art MMC Doodles Angel Aviles Art Sara Hopkins Art Ramon Gil Joe Citrelli Art Bun Leung Mina and Tristan Elwell Bill Anderson Jeremy Clark Wendy and Richard Pini James Mulligan Art Party Deckaton Lucky Dog Essentia and Curios ChrisEcto Starmap Comics JaCo Tartaruga LLC Armadillo Games Undisputed Comics King Tabby's Trinkets LLC Independent Designer: Origami Owl Life in the Fass Lane A Valley of Stars Studio Rosendal Retro Geek Boy Press Petals and Petrichor Stealing Fire Comics Dutchess Community College Toyz from the Darkside Wayward Raven Media Phantom Realm Comics The DL Experience Paul's Comics & Collectibles Traveling Geek/Tonshi Mountain Studios Undiscovered Realm Ann's Booty Heroes Hideout Kyoto Anime A Wave Blue World Kingsfall: A Boardgame Faerie Cute LLC Taralynnterror Crafts Bricks and Broomsticks Rogue Arsenal Kent Comics Sig Toys Brotaku Popculture The Underground Beacon Gem's Pintryst October Country Comics The Earplug Podcast Sean Lewis Ron Marz

Info Booth

This is where you can find info about the show.
The Disabilities Service desk and Lost and Found is Located here


This is where you can purchase your tickets as you enter the door

Security and Costume Weapon Check

This is the security area. All Cosplay weapons will be checked here as you enter.

HV Comic Con Booth

This is where you can purchase professional photo-ops and our merchandise


Entrance/Main Exit
Access to Outdoor Food Area

Experience Entertainment

This year Experience Entertainment will have their always Favorite Stranger Things Wall photo experience, A Harry Potter Platform 9 3/4 photo-op, and their brand new Hobbit Shire Photo-op display!

Photo-Op Booth

This year our Professional Photo-Op Booth is run by Experience Entertainment.

Gaming Lounge Brought to you by Kirwans Game Store

Here you can enjoy your favorite card game or console game with all your friends right at the con!

American Sci-Tech

Every year, American Sci-Tech brings an interactive and creative booth to promote science and technology and their non profit organization.

Headless Horseman Escape Room

Headless Horseman's interactive Escape Room Experience -$5

All That Cast Mini Reunion

Meet some of your favorite All That Stars Lori Beth Denberg, Josh Server, and Danny Tamberelli

Sonny Strait

Come and meet Sonny Strait voice actor from many popular animes including Dragon Ball Z, One Piece, and more!

Kara Edwards

Come and meet Kara Edwards, Popular voice actor from many animes like Dragon Ball Z, My Hero Academia and more!

Tom Payne

Come and meet Tom Payne who played Jesus on AMC's highly popular hit tv show The Walking Dead.

Bill Diamond

Come and see Bill Diamond and some of his wonderful puppet creations!

Geico Insurance

Our local Geico Agent is one of our 2019 sponsors! Make sure to stop by and say thanks and get a picture of you and the geico gekco.

Kids Zone

This year our Kids Zone is brought to you by INCREDIKIDS!

ICREDIKIDS allows young people the opportunity to be inspired and let their imaginations soar!

Our goal is to bring young people together for a fun, educational, interactive and enlightening view of the creative arts!

INCREDIKIDS aim is to make sure kids (and kids at heart!) have fun. We also want to teach about how the chosen field works & ways to support their academic goals and efforts. Over the weekend INCREDIKIDS will provide participants with ways explore their creativity and imagination. Cartooning, storytelling, animation, gaming, and puppetry are just some of the workshops we will have.

We are the ONLY Kids Literacy Through Comics & the Arts program in the NorthEast that follow a Common Core & Arts based curriculum – designed by State Licensed Educators & professional artists.

ALL materials presented are all-audiences/family oriented and FREE.

VIP Lounge

Here our VIP Ticket holders can relax on some couches brought to you by Raymour and Flannigan and grab some snacks and refreshments. VIP Ticketholders only!

Team Rammyz/ Costume Contest Registration

Here is where you can sign up for the Costume Contest with our Judges Team Rammyz!

Nightmare Worcester

Popular Cosplay Guest, Nightmare Worcester

The 501st Legion

The 501st Legion Star Wars Cosplay Group

The Rebel Legion: Echo Base

The Rebel Legion Star Wars Cosplay Group

Empire Temple: Saber Guild

Sabers Guild Star Wars Light Saber Professionals

The Apoca-Lips Cast

The Hudson Valley's only devoted Rocky Horror Picture Show Shadow Cast performers.

Hudson Valley Ghost Busters

Hudson Valley Ghost Busters a 501c3 organization that uses Ghost busters and cosplay to raise money for local charities!

Main Floor Stage

Here we will have performances throughout the weekend

The Super Zeroes

Youtube personalities The Super Zeroes

Farmed Girl Forged

Cosplayer and costume maker

Jessilyn Cupcake

Cosplayer and costume maker

Superheroes Unlimited

Cosplayers and Costume builders

Comedy and Pop-Culture Show

Comedy and Pop-Culture Show by Mark Pinksten

Magic Wheelchair

Magic Wheelchair is an organization that builds wheelchair friendly cosplays for people with disabilities.

Gilbert Gottfried

Come and meet legendary comedian Gilbert Gottfried. Saturday only!

Karyn Parsons

Come and meet Karyn Parsons! Most popular for her role on the Fresh Prince but also the founder of Sweet Blackberry!

Marty Grabstein

Come and meet Marty Grabstein, the voice of Courage the Cowardly Dog!

Jon Davey

Come and meet Jon Davey! Jon has worked on tons of Dr. Who episodes as many different monsters and characters!

Jim Martin

Come and meet Jim Martin popular puppeteer!

Broken Archer

We make and sell our own board games and books! We have several games out and books (all of which can be found on our website). Our games range from family fun to deeper strategy. We are a small team growing VERY fast!

T.V. Treasure Chest

blu-ray tv shows and movies, statues, toys, comics, posters, & original art

Quigley's Cakes

Superhero and Pop-Culture Themed Cupcakes

T.V. Treasure Chest

blu-ray tv shows and movies, statues, toys, comics, posters, & original art

Killer Kollectibles

toys, art prints, and collectibles

Kyle's Comics


U.S.S. Henry Hudson

Local Star Trek Fan Club

Cristalee Creations

Hand made selection of different crafts revolving around pop culture and comics

Dragon Realm

Skulls, plush, cosplay accessories, and gifts


Sci-Fi Novels

C.L. Schneider

Fantasy Author

Cody James Art

Art pieces based on old school video games, popular T.V shows, anime and comics. Stickers, postcards, and pins.

Throwback Collectibles

Collectibles, Toys, home decor, handcrafted products


Minifigures as well as hand made comic book bracelets, keychains, clips and wallets.

Michelle's Yarn Barn

Crochet characters

The Girl Scouts of America

Here you can purchase some of your favorite Girl Scouts Cookies and support a local troop!

Megabrain Comics

Comic Book Shop in Rhinebeck, NY

Tea Talk

Here you can get your favorite Bubble Tea!


Art printed on metal!

BatYard Productions

We specialize in film making; we would be selling art work and merchandise from our network. Such as t-shirts, posters, magnets, stickers, paintings, exedra.

Custom Fangs NYC

Custom-made vampire fangs, DEC Contacts, pop art woodwork, masks, toys, horror themed collectibles in framed pictures


Leather Items and Accessories

HKT Import

Imported Toys and Collectibles

Alterniverse Comics

Comic Book Shop in Hyde Park, NY

Ryan Browne


Ryan Browne


Carrie Berry Buttons

Custom pins

Jim O'Riley


Christian St. Pierre


Bob Wiacek

Comic Book Artist

Novella Starstruck

Artist Alley Artist

Jessian Press

Artist Alley Artist


Artist Alley Artist

Crystal Silva

Artist Alley Artist

Posable Productions

Artist Alley Artist

Falsemind Studios

Artist Alley Artist

Sean Carlson Art

Artist Alley Artist

Trot L'oeil Artistry

Artist Alley Artist

Matra Art

Artist Alley Artist

Goofy Froot

Artist Alley Artist


Face Painter

Tom Ryan's Studio

Artist Alley Artist

5B Designs

Artist Alley Artist


Artist Alley Artist

A Toledo Entertainment

Artist Alley Artist

E. Hanby

Artist Alley Artist

Studio Ma-en

Artist Alley Artist


Artist Alley Artist

I am filled with static

Artist Alley Artist

Perler Playland

Artist Alley Artist


Artist Alley Artist

Kitty Sapphire Studios

Annabelle Popa Art

Artist Alley Artist

MMC Doodles

Artist Alley Artist

Angel Aviles Art

Artist Alley Artist

Sara Hopkins Art

Artist Alley Artist

Ramon Gil

Artist Alley Artist

Joe Citrelli Art

Artist Alley Artist

Bun Leung

Artist Alley Artist

Mina and Tristan Elwell

Bill Anderson

Jeremy Clark

Wendy and Richard Pini

James Mulligan

Art Party

Come and learn to pain or sign up for your own paint & sip!


Toy & Collectibles!

Lucky Dog Essentia and Curios

Custom tile housewares and furniture


Canvas art and prints

Starmap Comics

I plan on selling my independent comic books, other Starmap Productions/Comics/Media merchandise, as well as showcasing the indie film teaser trailer for Mind Pulse, a sci-fi/horror/action franchise under the Starmap banner.

JaCo Tartaruga LLC

Armadillo Games

Selling painted Sci-Fi /Fantasy miniatures for gaming and collecting.

Undisputed Comics King

Comics. Toys. Collectibles. Graded comics. Video games. Home made superhero soap.

Tabby's Trinkets LLC

Lots of art prints of my original work as well as some resin casts of original work and clay sculptures such as octopi holding common tabletop dice and crochet work of pop culture icons. All examples can be seen on my facebook page.

Independent Designer: Origami Owl

Custom Lockets, chains, charms,watches Also would like to include Color Street 100% nail polish strips

Life in the Fass Lane

masks and other embroidered items, kids costume items. items customized with cut vinyl.

A Valley of Stars Studio

Art prints, resin jewelry, LED jewelry, phone charms, stickers, fandom-inspired soaps, copies of our webcomic

Rosendal Retro

Pop culture merchandise. Specifically magnets ,tin signs,keychains,jewelry.

Geek Boy Press

Geeky Artwork and Shirts

Petals and Petrichor

Handmade nerdy home decor. Wood signs and more!

Stealing Fire Comics

will be selling trade collections of my self published comic book series, Dream Crasher along with prints of the artwork. I am the writer of the series. I will also have some small zines and copies of a new comics anthology that I have a comic in.

Dutchess Community College

One of our key sponsors and supporters! Visit sunydutchess.edu for more information!

Toyz from the Darkside

Art Prints, Canvas Art, Toys Comics

Wayward Raven Media

Comics, Books, Webcomics, Artwork

Phantom Realm Comics

back issue comic books and art prints

The DL Experience

Collectible CGC items toys action figures jewelry cloths

Paul's Comics & Collectibles

Comic books. Toys. Funko pops.

Traveling Geek/Tonshi Mountain Studios

Jewelry, crowns, rocks, crystals, meteorites, home aromas and collectibles.

Undiscovered Realm

Collectibles, pop vinyls and more! Largest Funko Pop Booth at the Show!!!!

Ann's Booty

I specailize in steampunk jewelry. Handsculpted pendents, resin casted pendents, accesories. I make everything bymyself. Only a few things on etsy looking to exspend venues. For best pictures of my work look on my FB page under Anns Booty

Heroes Hideout

Toys, Wrestling Products

Kyoto Anime

Licensed, imported anime collectibles such as boxed trading figures, gashapon figures, key chains and cell phone charms, PVC statues, model kits, plush and stuffed animals, and mystery bargain bags consisting of a combination of the afore mentioned.

A Wave Blue World

A Wave Blue World is a publisher of original graphic novels, anthologies and art books. We will have an assortment of our books available at the show.

Kingsfall: A Boardgame

Start-up Boardgame!

Faerie Cute LLC

Stickers, notebooks, mugs, pins, magnets and prints featuring my original artwork

Taralynnterror Crafts

Jewelry, Aprons, Skirts, Candles, Bath bombs, Tote bags, Pillows, Blankets

Bricks and Broomsticks

Mini figures, plushies, "magic wands" jewelry, lanyards, pillowcases

Rogue Arsenal

Star Wars replicas

Kent Comics


Sig Toys

Import toys , gundam model kits, cosplay merchandise

Brotaku Popculture

Toys, collectables, movies, games, anime and more.

The Underground Beacon

Comic Book Shop in Beacon, NY

Gem's Pintryst

Lapels pins, patches, stickers, art

October Country Comics

Comic Book Shop in New Paltz, NY!

The Earplug Podcast

The Earplug Podcast is set up here!

Sean Lewis

Ron Marz

2019 Exhibitors

in Alphabetical Order
5B Designs A13
A Toledo Entertainment A15
A Valley of Stars Studio B11
A Wave Blue World 130
Al Matra Art A9
Alan C. Medina 109
Alterniverse Comics 109
American Sci-Tech 159
Andy MacDonald 109
Angel Aviles Art A27
Ann’s Booty 138
Annabelle Popa Art A25
Armadillo Games B16
Art Party B22
Batyard Productions 105
Bill Anderson A33
Bill Diamond 148
Bob Wiacek A18
Bricks and Broomsticks 126
Broken Archer 142
Brotaku Popculture 124
Bun Leung A31
C.L. Schneider B4
Carrie Berry Buttons 112
ChrisEcto B19
Christian St. Pierre A19
Cody James Art B5
Comedy and Popculture Show C9
Comic Folds B25
Crista Lee Creations B1
Crystal Silva A4
Custom Cosplay Portraits A10
Custom Fangs NYC 106
Deckaton B21
Dollphinwing A14
Dragon Realm B2
Dutchess Community Collge 125
E. Hanby A16
Empire Temple: Saber Guild C5
Experience Entertainment 162
Faerie Cute LLC 128
Falsemind Studios A6
Farm Girl Forged C12
Gaming Lounge by Kirwans 160
Geek Boy Press B7
Geico 153
Gems Pintryst 118
Gilbert Gottfried 147
Girl Scouts B27
Headless Horseman 120
Heroes Hideout 139
Herofied 104
HKT Import 108
HV Comic Con Booth 101
HV Ghostbusters C7
I am Filled with Static A21
Independent Designer Origami Owl B13
JaCo Tartaruga LLC B17
James Mulligan A36
Jeremy Clark A34
Jessian Press A2
Jessilyn Cupcake C11
Jim Martin 143
Jim O’Riley 113
Joe Citrelli Art A30
Joe St. Pierre 116
Jon Davey 144
Kara Edwards 151
Karyn Parsons 146
Kent Comics 122
Kiddoodles A11
Kids Zone 158
Killer Kollectibles 156
Kingsfall boardgame 129
Kitty Sapphire Studios A24
Kudoze A20
Kyle’s Comics 155
Kyoto Anime 140
Lethal Ware 107
Life in the Fass Lane B14
Lori Beth, Danny, & Josh “All That” 149
Lucky Dog Essentia and Curios B18
Magic Wheelchair C8
Marty Grabstein 145
Megabrain Comics 102
Michelle’s Yarn Barn B26
Mina and Tristan Elwell A32
MMC Doodles A26
Nightmare Worcester C2
Novella Starstruck A1
October Country Comics 117
Paul’s Collectibles and Comics 132
Perler Playland A22
Petals and Petrichor B8
Phantom Realm Comics 135
Photo-Op Booth 161
Posable Productions A5
Quigley’s Cakes B23
Ramon Gil A29
Rogue Arsenal 121
Ron Marz 114
Rosendale Retro B10
Ryan Browne 110
Ryan Browne 111
Sara Hopkins Art A28
Sean Carlson Art A7
Sean Lewis 115
Shenanigami A3
Sig Toys 123
Skillistrations A23
Sonny Strait 150
Starmap Comics B20
Stealing Fire Comics B9
Studio Ma-en A17
Superheroes Unlimited C10
T.V. Treasure Chest 141
T.V. Treasure Chest B24
Tabby’s Trinkets LLC B12
Taralynnterror Crafts 127
Tea Talk 103
Team Rammyz – Costume Contest Registration C1
The 501st Legion C3
The Apoca Lips Cast C6
The DL Experience 136
The Earplug Podcast 116
The Rebel Legion: Echo Base C4
The SuperZeroes C13
The Underground Beacon 119
Throwback Collectibles B6
Tom Payne 152
Tom Ryan’s Studio A12
Toyz from the Darkside 133
Traveling Geek / Tonshi Mountain Studios 131
Trot L’oeil Artistry A8
U.S.S. Henry Hudson 154
Undiscovered Realm 137
Undisputed Comics King B15
V.I.P Lounge 157
Wayward Raven Media 134
Wendy and Richard Pini A35