This is not the final floor plan for 2019,
check back for updates as we get closer to the show! 

A Wave Blue World- A5
AJ Morrone- B4
Alexander Aprile- B14
Alternations- 154
Alterniverse Comics- 107
American Sci-Tech- 161
Apoca-Lips Cast- 166
Art Party- B15
Arthur Mongelli- B16
B. K. Berrell- B6
Barnes and Noble: Poughkeepsie- 158
Batyard Production- 127
Bill Anderson and Dennis Webster- A38
Bill Diamond Productions- 117
Borrowed Talents- 133
Bun Leung Art- A7
C.L. Schneider- 112
Carrie Berry Buttons- 108
Caseen Gaines- 114
Charles Barnett III- A26
Christian St. Pierre- A36
Christopher DiCesare- 111
Comicfolds- B19
Craig “Old School” Blake- A24
Cristaleecreations- B18
Custom Fangs NYC- B13
Danny Tamberelli- 123
Darkside Records-B21
David A. Rodriguez- B20
Dollphinwing- A27
Dragon Realm- 146
Dutchess Community College- 129
Emily Hanby- A4
Empire Concessions llc- Outside
Epic Robo-Spider- 131
Evil Geeks- C6
Experience Entertainment LLC- 141
Flying Saucer Productions- B17
Girl Scouts- B3
Gregory Yozzo- 134
Headless Horseman- Hayrides and Haunted Houses- 160
HKT Import Toys- 104
Hudson Valley Comic Con- 101
Hudson Valley Ghostbusters- 152
I am Filled With Static- A8
Info Booth- 100
Iron Age Comics- A9
James Mulligan- A35
Jessian Press- A10
Jessilyn Cupcake- C9
Jim O’ Riley Art- 110
Jim Whiting- A37
Joe Critelli Art- A11
Justin Swain- 121
Kadrolsha Ona Carole- 116
Karyn Parsons- 118
Kent comics- 124
KiDooodles Face & Body Art- A12
Kirwans Game Store
  and Game Lounge- 157
Kitty Sapphire Studios- A13
KOFitnessNYcosplay- C11
Kudoze- A14
Laura Birdsall- A2
Lethal Ware- 155
Lily Pickford- B10
Love Holds Life, Inc.- 144
Magic Wheelchair- C3
Mark McKenna- A30
Mark Pinksten Magic and Pop Culture- 164
Mary’s Krafty Kreations- 126
Matra Art- A6
Matt Herring- 115
Michael Maronna- 122
Michelle Yarn Barn- C10
Mina Elwell and Tristan Elwell- A39
MMC Doodles Designs- A18
Newburgh Free Library- 143
Nightmare Worcester- C2
Norse Legion- 137
Wild Bills Soda- 103
October Country Comics- 142
Origami Owl Custom Jewelry- B2
Paul Abrams- A28
Paul’s Comics & Collectibles- 153
Perler Playland/ Rae Gun- A15
Petals and Petrichor- A16
Photo-Op Booth- 102
Pop Culture Pillows Company- B8
Poughkeepsie Gypsie Bazaar
Psychedelic Zombie BBQ- 149
Quigley’s Cakes- B11
Raymond Lowell- A29
Rebel Legion- C4
Richard Clarke- A20
Richard Pini- 113
Robert Pollak- A23
Rogue Arsenal- B12
Ryan Browne- 109
Saber Guild- C7
Scoreless Printing & Designs, LLC- 130
Sidekicks Comics, LLC- A17
SK Illustrations- A33
Skinz Time- A19
Smooth Comic- B7
Society of American Magicians- 139
Special Olympics- 128
Starmap Comics- B5
Steve Carcamo- B9
Steve Cardenas- 120
Superheroes Unlimited- 148
SuperWater Man Sudios- C8
Tabitha Atkins- A3
Taimak- 119
Tea Talk- 140
Team Rammyz- C1
The 501st Legion- C5
The Art of Joe Inga- A32
The Earplug Podcast Network- 156
The Super Zeros- C12
Tom Ryan’s Studio- A21
Tonshi Mountain Studios- 132
Townsquare Media- 145
Toying Around- 125
Toys From The Darkside- 135
Transcendental Expressions- A31
Trot L’Oeil Artistry- A22
Tutto Media, LLC- 138
U.S.S. Henry Hudson- 163
U.S. Army- 147
Undiscovered Realm- 151
Venison Joe- B23
Very Gary Comics- 106
Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey- 162
Will Torres- A34
XS Energy- 150