Mina Elwell

Mina Elwell – Writer

Writer, InferNoct, Hellicious

If it were possible to make a career out of sitting in a small room drawing story diagrams on a whiteboard while having more caffeine than is necessarily safe for someone of her height and weight, Mina might do that instead. Since that isn’t an option, she writes disturbing, amusing, and bizarre scripts for comics and TV.

Mina Elwell wrote and co-created the 4 issue horror comic book series InferNoct with artist Eli Powell, which was published by Scout Comics. 

In the summer of 2018, the publishing division of Rick and Morty Production Company, SBI Press, will debut Hellicious, a family comedy set in Hell, written and created by Mina Elwell and A.C. Medina, with art by Kit Wallis.