Joe Bev

 Joe Bev- Cartoonist

Joe Bevilacqua, also known as Joe Bev, is a public radio producer and radio theater dramatist. However, his career has taken him into every aspect of show business, including stage, film and television, as a producer, director, writer, author, actor, journalist, documentarian, and even cartoonist.

“Joe Bev” produces five weekly podcasts also heard of over 100 public radio stations, each hour a different format: comedy, drama, jazz, cartoons, and interview, and has created over 300 audio titles distributed by Blackstone Audio.

Bevilacqua sent a 120 minute cassette of his Willoughby stories to voice actor Daws Butler, the voice of Yogi Bear, Quickdraw McGraw, Huckleberry Hound and other Hanna-Barbera and Jay Ward cartoon characters. Butler soon dubbed himself Bevilacqua’s mentor. Joe Bevilacqua has written and edited a number of books, including Daws Butler, Characters Actor, the authorized biography of his mentor and the voice of Yogi Bear. He co-authored the script book Uncle Dunkle and Donnie with Daws Butler and edited Butler’s Scenes for Actors and Voices workbook.

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